Test Equipment Leasing

Lease Rental

Test Equipment Leasing, Finance Lease and Operating Lease is an ideal alternative to outright purchase of your test and measuring  equipment. Many organisations choose leasing for their test equipment products because they want to balance paying for their equipment with the period that they are using it for. Choosing leasing means the  test equipment  does not have to appear on your company’s balance sheet and you don’t have to worry about test equipment disposal at the end of its use.

... if you need greater flexibility than traditional leasing or test equipment finance, then consider:

fulltimeRental from Livingston


What are the benefits?

  • Off balance sheet financing, capital preservation and budget maximisation
  • Insulate yourself from the uncertainties of depreciation, maintenance, repair and disposal costs
  • Spread payment over the period of use so there is no drain on your capital budget
  • Ideal for long term requirements


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