Trial on the Tracks


Trackside Trials Titanium 550 Thermal Imaging Camera Trackside trials


Livingston were approached by Network Rail to see if we could help solve a problem.  Oveheating in axle boxes is potentially a dangerous situation that Network Rail take very seriously.  Currently Network Rail use hot axle box detectors to highlight any problems.  But these have proved to be unreliable, giving false information resulting in fully working trains being taken out of operation unnecessarily. 

We suggested that a solution could be a high resolution thermal imaging camera capable of resolving an image down to the size of the axle bearings.  But could the camera capture an image from trains travelling in excess of 95 miles an hour?  We contacted our supplier, Flir, and their experts recommended we conducted a trial using a Titanium 550M.  The camera was mounted on a tripod along the side of the tracks with the objective of capturing all the hot spots present on the trains.  Results were very successful and the images captured are helping Network Rail to eliminate future problems.

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