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    About Anritsu

    Anritsu has become a global leader in the telecommunications, optical and wireless industries by providing diverse product offerings ranging from test and measurement solutions to high-speed devices and components for use in R&D, production, and maintenance.

    Part of Anritsu's core expertise is in developing leading-edge test and measurement solutions that focus on three areas:
    Next-generation Networks (NGNs) & Infrastructure – Anritsu provides optimum solutions based on advanced IP analysis technology, ultra-high-speed digital technology, wireless measuring technology, and OSS service assurance technology.
    Mobile Handset Conformance – Anritsu uses wireless measuring technology, protocol analysis and global customer support to supply markets around the world with measurement solutions optimized for mobile handsets and their components.
    General Purpose Communications Test – Anritsu provides test and measurement solutions to the electronics market, including those for the design, production, and evaluation of RF and Microwave communications equipment, networks, and electronic devices.

    Anritsu Corporation's solutions serve four strategic markets –Test and Measurement, Components and Devices, OSS Service Assurance and Industrial Solutions. Each division within Anritsu has the autonomy to operate as individual units and the solidarity to use complementary technologies in product development. The results are a fast response to customer needs while maintaining focus on designing "Intelligent Solutions" for future standards.

    Measurement Solutions is committed to developing test and measurement products for all existing and emerging wireless communications devices and networks. Anritsu provides solutions that cover the full range of testing – from measuring handset components to manufacturing/installation of base stations, and deployment and maintenance of the wireless infrastructure. Anritsu Measurement Solutions also provides components and test instrumentation for the optical and digital communications markets.

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    Anritsu's products are high end, so renting a Anritsu product is the more affordable solution. But there are a variety of reasons for renting, leasing or hiring at Livingston. For the comfort, the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, always the latest technology, the financial controls (no depreciation), short term emergency needs, peak demand requirements, etc.

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